4 Reasons: Why The Lady Drag Gravity

By | April 8, 2015

You’ve probably heard a hundred million times that you need to exercise regularly. Raised strong muscles and it’s not just beautiful. Strength training improves metabolism and heart function, support healthy bones and joints.

4 Reasons: Why The Lady Drag Gravity

4 Reasons: Why The Lady Drag Gravity

However, many women do not want to drag gravity. Because it is traumatic and also why a woman have to have a muscular male body. Better to stretch on yoga or Pilates. Meanwhile, it is less effective workout. “They are great for building muscle endurance and muscle strength not to”, explains Michelle Olson, a specialist in physical therapy at Auburn University in Montgomery, Alabama. In order to gain muscle mass, you need to do resistance training (weight, dumbbells and tape).

So, dear women get rid of the fear of dumbbells, barbells and weights.

Fear 1: I do not know what to do with it.

At what weight to start, what muscle groups to swing, how to use exercise equipment? These questions arise in the mind of any woman, first hit the gym.

Not knowing how to adjust the seat height and in what position do the exercises can slow your progress and, unfortunately, lead to injury. Therefore, we recommend that the first few sessions held in the company with a coach who all show and tell. Especially because many health clubs offer new members the first workout for free.

One good tip for beginners: Start with exercises for resistance to the weight of your body. “First learn how to do the exercises, and then move on to the use of weights. Each time add 2 kilograms”, advises Curtis Williams, director of Under Armour Performance Center in New York. “When you can easily cope with the load, it is time to increase the weight. Keep in mind that two or three rounds of repetition must be given to you with stress.”

Fear 2: I’m going to look like Schwarzenegger

“To be like Schwarzenegger, you need three things: A lot of testosterone, the male sex hormone, a lot of calories and a lot of training to exhaustion, from 20 to 30 sets of exercise a day,” says Harley Pasternak, personal trainer Megan Fox, Katy Perry and Rihanna.

This is a simple biological fact that women do not have a large amount of testosterone to form giant muscles. As for women bodybuilders, it is the result of taking anabolic steroids.

So do not get carried away with ultra-light weights. “To force your muscles to grow, they need to be well before tiring” explains Wayne Vestskott, fitness research director and professor at Quincy College in Quincy, Massachusetts. Training with weights twice a week can reduce the amount of fat is 3% in 10 weeks. Conclusion: you will look slimmer, but not muscular.

Fear 3: All look at me

“This is called social anxiety about the body,” said Kathy Rykiel, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at Structure House in Durham. The reality is that most people focus on their own form and not on you. “To ease the uncertainty, it is better to come up with a ready gym workouts” advises Williams.

If that does not reassure you, here are some tips:

Avoid fitness room during peak hours (usually in the early morning and late afternoon and evening)
Communicate, make new friends.

Fear 4: I burn enough calories

So enjoy your time on the treadmill with a double benefit: To burn calories and read something useful, and maybe teach English. When working with weights such will not work. But these studies have a distinct advantage: Muscle recovery after training takes a few days and during this time increased metabolism, and thus burn calories.

One study showed that women who thrust of gravity for 15 minutes lost per 100 calories more during the day than those who do not thrust gravity. Another plus: as you get stronger, you use your muscles more efficiently, allowing you to burn more calories during cardio, says Olson.

Well, the ultimate benefit? You become stronger, and it means that raising a child or a trip to the grocery store will not take us much time and energy.

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