11 ways to get in shape in summer

By | June 11, 2015

As summer approaches, people seem a bit nervous as daily routines need to be adjusted according to the climatic situations. People are looking to find out something to get in shape. If you are also worried about your physique then you are at right place here. I will explain 11 ways to get in shape this summer. Let’s get started.

shape in summer


  • Look in to your Workout routine


A lot of exercise is generally not recommended in summer season as one sweats out so easily even with little exercise. Some people love to work out twice a day, once in the morning and then later in the evening. I would recommend you to look into your routine and do it once a day.


  • Adjust your diet according to summer


Diet is something that defines health and good looking shape of a body. If you are not taking care of your diet, you are definitely at loss. Try to use yogurt in the breakfast instead of using eggs. Some people are addicted to tea which is never recommended to use much in summer.


  • Have summer clothes prepared


You can’t wear silk clothes in summer. They may cause allergic to your skin and red pimps will appear on your body. Try using cotton clothes in summer. You may also use shorts and cotton trousers. Try to wear light colors in summer as dark colors absorb more light and you will feel the heat greater if you are wearing cloth of dark colors.

Use sunblock


  • Use sunblock


Don’t forget to use sunblock on your skin. If you don’t have one, I would say buy it right now. It protects your skin from UV rays which penetrate through your skin and damages your cells at the surface. The dead cells appear at the surface of your skin. That’s why your color fades out in summer.


  • Take in liquids regularly


During summer season, your body losses water more than any other season in the form of sweat. The water in your body evaporates due to temperature through the pores of your skin. So, in summer season you need to take in liquid diets more often. Use juices of seasonal fruits and milk shakes to provide the required nutrients to your body.


  • Avoid sudden temperature change


Most of the people do a big mistake that they need to avoid. They are sitting in an air conditioned room and when they need to get out of their houses, they get up and go out without any delay. Sudden change in temperature causes headache and fever. So people most often don’t even know about it and do this mistake. I would strictly recommend to have a delay of at least 5-10 minutes. Before going out of house, go to some other room of your house under fan which is not air conditioned.


  • Use umbrella or cap


Whenever you go out make sure to use umbrella or cap of light color. I have seen people wearing caps of dark colors. They don’t save them much from heat as dark color absorbs more light.


  • Avoid using extra chilled drinks


People after doing a lot of work love to have chilled drinks or water. I can feel how good it sounds to have chilled drink in scorching heat but tell you what, this is really a bad idea. If you are doing it you are most likely to damage your throat or may even get fever. Try using drinks of temperature that are of reasonable temperature.


  • Avoid bathing & swimming under scorching heat


Some people plan swimming with friends and love to do in the noon under heat of summer. This is really a bad idea. Your body temperature is not balanced properly and you may fell ill for bathing like this. So avoid doing it. If you are up for fun, try bathing under shaded region.



  • Adjust your sports routine


You need to adjust your sports routine as well. Try playing outdoor games early in the morning just after sunrise or in the evening just before sunset.

Change clothes daily


  • Change clothes daily


Your clothes smell dirty because of sweating. Try changing your clothes daily to avoid allergic to your body.

I hope you must have enjoyed our 11 ways to get in shape this summer. Don’t forget to note them and follow them regularly in your daily routine this summer.

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