10 reasons to lose weight- 10 reasons to lose weight– weight loss tips

By | June 8, 2015

If you look fat and overweight then you are conscious about what people thinks of you and the comments passed on you can give you depression. Losing some weight effects deeply on your lifestyle as it gives you confidence in what you want to achieve and can achieve in life, in other words it gives optimistic approach to the person.


To lose weight you need to be motivated for the exercises. The following are the 10 reasons that can get yourself to do exercises:

Low cholesterol level: this weight loss tip is very motivating as it removes the dangerous type of cholesterol present in your body known as LDL and increase the healthy type of cholesterol known as HDL. It narrows the arteries and can become the source of heart attack.

Low Blood Pressure: When you will lose weight then there will be no plaque in the arteries and the flow of blood through the arteries will be smooth. Under controlled blood pressure the risk of heart failure and kidney failure is reduced.

Blood Pressure

Decreased risk of diabetes: With a lot of weight on your body, the risk is very high of developing diabetes specially type 2 diabetes where your body’s cells gets resistant to insulin and due to improper functioning. Losing weight will allow your body to give proper response to insulin.

Increased sex life: As an overweight person will be unable to control its blood pressure and diabetes then you will be unsatisfied with your sex life. Your sex life will be enhanced as you will be fit on losing weight and the number of hormones required for doing sex will be great in number and you can get away from the common problems like erectile dysfunction.

More energy: An overweight person will be slow in doing his daily activities but if you will lose weight then due not only you will be able to do multitasking easily but your energy level will be high increasing your stamina to do things.

More energy

Cancer risk decreases: Overweight can let the carcinogenic hormones grow in your body fueling cancer. So, if you lose upto a few pounds of weight then those chances of getting the cancer decreases and you feel fit than ever.

Reduce sleep apnea: Your obesity will result in a dangerous condition known as sleep apnea in which due to extra tissues, the windpipe wall in your body is not taking in regular amount of air due to which low oxygen level develops when you are sleeping. The brain shocks to keep you alive and you will get woken up for a lot of time at night due to this illness. the weight loss will give you a very smooth nights sleep.

Reduce joint pain: Overweight people have a lot of pressure on their joints as extra weight of your body can add 2 times the original pressure on your knees and you will feel tired even after some slight walk. With losing weight your cushioning between bones gets bigger and it will bear your weight easily and keep you fit.

Reduces stress and anxiety: It is written in research that if you are in a depressed state then exercising and losing weight can remove the stress hormones and let you feel relaxed about things in life.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Strengthens bones: If you are slim then the weight on your bones will be less and they will have a greater tendency of doing more work than ever. With controlled diet and weight loss, you will get sufficient contents for your body that will strengthen your bones.

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